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Existing optical imaging solutions for monitoring cerebral blood flow and oxygenation in lab animals require surgical implantation and sometimes heavy tethering. The commonly used optical instruments for cerebral blood flow monitoring (i.e. laser speckle imaging and laser Doppler flowmetry) measure blood flow at a superficial layer only, which is insufficient.
Our patent-pending wireless technology offers an easy-to-use, noninvasive, and reliable alternative. It empowers veterinarians and researchers to continuously monitor throughout a procedure or over the full length of an experiment.
In addition to cerebral oxygenation, our device monitors other physiological parameters--including heart rate, respiratory rate, and tissue oxygen saturation.
Real-Time Visualization of Brain Lesions in Awake Animals


Barati Medical has received a Phase I SBIR grant, seed funding from the University of Alaska, and smaller awards from a variety of nondilutive funders. We offer investors a scalable opportunity in drug development, with a future pathway into commercial veterinary medicine.

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One imaging device. Multiple applications.

From the laboratory to the operating room, NurOx offers a solution to the constraints on animal modeling and monitoring.

Veterinary Medicine

With no pre-market approval requirements, the rapidly growing veterinary medicine commercial market is our next step. Our early NurOx studies point to a major benefit from continuous monitoring of cerebral oxygenation during procedures.

We are currently developing two indications for the veterinary space: monitoring of animals under anesthesia and assessment of brain injuries after trauma.

Preclinical Research
Veterinary Medicine

Preclinical Research

Stroke is the fifth largest cause of death and a leading cause of long-term disability. Yet most drug candidates fail in the clinical stage.

One major problem is that researchers don't have the right tools to measure ischemic injury in small lab animals. Traditional techniques can only confirm a reduction in cerebral blood flow, but cannot predict subsequent infarct volume and/or neurological outcome.

NurOx, our powerful neuroimaging tool for preclinical models of neurological disorders such as ischemic stroke, offers an affordable alternative to MRIs and invasive imaging. NurOx empowers researchers to conduct wireless, real-time monitoring that predicts infarct volume and neurological outcome..

Wildlife Biology

Our device has been used to gain a unique insight into the oxygenation of animal brains coming out of hibernation.  This never-before-seen data offers immense potential to a better understanding of this physiological state.

We can customize our device to the unique physiology and biology of a wide range of wild animals.

Wildlife Biology

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